- James Sutherland, South Carolina- I appreciate your help this past week.  Your class ran me through a good thorough investigation of my skills.   And, seriously speaking, I appreciate your fostering a reverence for several aspects of tandem flying I had previously completely overlooked.  


I expected an emphasis on trike skills, and was happy to get an evaluation of my craft in that regard.  Seriously, to have you guys say I looked and felt as smooth as I have tried to become was VERY gratifying. 


But, your class made me realize just how much of an Ambassador to Flight I'll be for most of my passengers.  Before the class, I never thought about how so many of them will have never experienced what we get to experience regularly with Paramotoring.  And, I hadn't thought about how special I know Flight is to me, and how much of a big responsibility that introduction can be.  


I'm just glad I had my eyes opened to the importance of putting a strong emphasis on having good communication with the passenger ahead of the flight about the safety concerns, engaging with them about their expectations for the flight, and setting up a place that is safe for them to voice their concerns, etc.  These things are so important, and I know without the class I would have overlooked them.   Coupling all that with dedication to following laws and dedication to smooth professional style flying ( :^), and one can really create a much better experience for every passenger, I think.  


I look forward to it, and I thank you.  I'm sure my passengers will thank you too.

- Brooke Sheffield, North Carolina - I went to One Up for my tandem certification and had a great time. I learned skills to make me a better pilot and enjoyed the company the entire time. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to get top notch instruction. Travis and Aly are Great!

- David Barnikow, Florida - I recently began some advanced training with Travis Burns and Kyle Mooney at One Up Adventures. My intent for this training was to learn wingovers (the right way), which is going well, but I didn't realize how much I still didn't know that i didn't know. The small details pay big dividends towards progression. For anyone looking to progress to that "next level", I highly recommend getting with a seasoned instructor to learn these skills the right way. On my own, I would have "never" pushed myself or my glider to the performance level achieved on this first training session. Not that I felt it was dangerous, but that I didn't know it was possible or even how to attain it. Can't wait for the next session!

- Dan Jacobson, South Dakota -  I got back three days ago and I am still soaring high. Kyle and Travis are amazing to the point if they charged twice what I paid for tuition I would still go. They had me doing stuff way bigger then I thought I would do. Big wingovers to the point Kyle said nothing bigger then that. Tight fast spirals with g forces I have never felt. It was awesome I never really thought about getting into acro but I am worried I will get sucked into it. It was awesome. If you ever want to take things up a level I cannot image anyone better to go see.

- Craig Taylor, Massachusetts -  What a fantastic team for training in advanced flight techniques, Basic Flight Instructor Ratings and Tandem Exemption training. I couldn't be happier with the direct approach from Travis and Kyle, yet their relaxed approach and fun demeanor really puts students and advanced or aspiring pilots in training at ease! I would highly recommend One Up Adventures to all levels of Para Pilots! I will be returning to OUA for further training in the future!

- Kirin Tipirneni, Florida - Travis and Kyle at OneUp Adventures helped me to complete the rest of my beginner PPG flights. They were very professional and friendly. Safety and demonstrating proper technique was their top priority. They were very patient with me and flexible with my schedule. As a result, I feel confident about flying on my own. I would highly recommend OneUp Adventures for their training experience and wealth of knowledge in PPG. I look forward to eventually going on a PPG trip with them!

- Josh Magee, New Jersey - These are some great guys and they really know there doing! Learned so much and had a great time along the way.

- Rick Hartsell, Michigan - So I just returned from 4 days with Kyle and Travis getting some advanced training. Foot Dragging. Spirals. Wingovers. Spot landings. I could not have enjoyed it more. Extremely personal (just me mostly). Never pressured but nicely nudged to push my envelope. Had a GREAT time. Came home with much more confidence. I highly recommend these 2 awesome professionals.

- Greg McPheter, Virginia - I just had the best week of training in my entire life with Travis and Kyle at One Up Adventures. I wish these guys had also been instructors at my grad school because they could honestly teach a fish to ride a bicycle. At no point did I ever feel unsafe while they pushed me to do new and exciting things for my PPG-2 certification. Both of these guys have such a smooth and easy instruction style that you kind of feel like an old friend is just teaching you something new. Couple that with top notch equipment and comprehensive ground school instruction and you have the perfect recipe for an amazing training experience. Thanks again for everything, guys!!

- Mike Cotter, Michigan - Travis and Kyle both have a wealth of experience and a great understanding of how to translate that experience into Instruction for every level of individual skill. I learned a ton and had a great time with both of these Stellar Dudes. I highly recommend getting in touch with them, you won't regret it!!

- Jack Yu, Virgina - These gents are total professionals. They are a bit unique here in the US in that they also train experienced pilots (think continued development eg Tandem certifcations, PPG3 certs). So from someone who's been flying a bit, I can safely say these guys are the real deal; got a nice bit of insight on lots of topics over the time I spent there :) would do it again!

- Kurt Sills, Georgia - I've been fortunate enough to spend time training with Travis and Kyle and I can't recommend them highly enough! Travis and Kyle are two of the best in the industry in not only their skills and knowledge, but also in the manner in which the they teach. They make it fun and comfortable while giving you everything you need to succeed in your flight goals!

- Josh Bixler, Ohio - The training both myself and son received was top notch in every way. With PPG, skills and knowledge directly correlate with safety and ability. One Up Adventures stands above the rest. Travis and Kyle are both responsible for introducing hundreds of pilots to the sport of PPG with a perfect safety record. The smaller class size and student to instructor ratio makes one up my choice for all my future training. Both my kids and I now get to fly together and it has become a source of many priceless memories. Thank you One Up Adventures for making this chapter a reality!!!! Wish I could give 6 stars. -

- Roy Kygar, Texas - I had the pleasure of attending one of the best PPG schools out there.(tandem/instructor) Not only was their instruction complete and precise, it was very comprehensive and most of all, fun! Travis and Kyle not only have tons of experience, they have a very refined teaching method. I would recommend them for experienced pilots as well as novice and beginner. 5 star all the way!

- Caleb McDowell, Pennsylvania - At One Up Adventures you have access to some of the best PPG training/instructors out there today. Not only can they teach you just about anything relating to the sport, but they also offer amazing adventures to some really unique locations. They're the ones that got me my wings earlier this summer and I could not have asked for a better experience. I highly recommend One Up Adventures.

- Kevin Woodward, Michigan - I was able to train with Travis and Kyle this past summer to get my tandem exemption along with my USPPA ppg3 cert. from start to finish this was a great experience. Both instructors took time to answer all my questions and never once did I feel rushed to do something I was not comfortable with yet. They worked very well together. They do an awesome job of student to instructor ratio so that you get plenty of one on one time. They were even willing to work on a few things that were not part of the course I signed up for (bonus). All in all a great experience and I look forward to going on one of their adventures along with continued training to improve my skill level.

- Gordon McPheter, Virgina - Wow, what a great time in Florida! Two top notch instructors in Travis and Kyle. Easy going and knowledgeable. The training is comprehensive in both the ground school and flight school phases. The equipment the best available anywhere. From the new tandem trike to the helmets, radios, motors and gliders you can’t tell the gear at OneUp Adventures from new. Both Kyle and Travis are seasoned paramotor pilots and instructors. You can’t go wrong with training at OneUp Adventures. Highly recommended!  

- Tara Clemmons, North Carolina - I had an excellent experience with Travis Burns from One Up Adventures for my first paramotor flight. My husband has been flying for some time, and I’ve really wanted to try it out myself. Travis made that happen for me. He was professional and courteous throughout the experience, and made me feel safe and comfortable for the duration of the lesson. With his instruction, I was finally able to fly, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to go up again. I’m beyond thankful, and can’t say enough how great Travis and his team was to my family and I. If you’re interested in a similar experience, please consider them; they made a special experience even more memorable!

- Robert Baldwin, Florida - I know Travis very well and as a Brother. We have had some outstanding adventures together. What I can say is this. Travis is a man's man. His courage is rooted in sound thinking. He has the mind of an extremely accomplished aviator... of which he is. His head might be up in the clouds, but his feet are always firmly on the ground. I would follow Travis anywhere. I would Trust him with my life... in fact, I have already more than once. I am so excited about One Up Adventures and can't wait to explore some more with Travis.

- Todd Scandrett, North Carolina - From a business standpoint I can not recommend One Up Adventures any more highly. The true care and passion that Travis and Kyle share during these adventures is inspirational. They share an approach and desire of flight and adventure that is contagious. Their ability to plan an amazing trip while deferring to the “clients” for last minute changes truly makes for a wonderful, relaxing sojourn. This entire experience makes me look forward to the next trip and opportunity I have to schedule with One Up Adventures. There is no doubt in my mind that wherever these guys plan their next adventure, it will be epic and will set the standard for others to follow.I will say that I am one grateful client and an even more grateful friend to have been given this opportunity. If you find yourself in a position to join One Up Adventures on a trip, you owe it to yourself to move heaven and earth to make it happen.

- Dave Huseman, Florida- It’s been a couple weeks since my trip to Costa Rica with Travis and Kyle from One Up Adventures and Todd Scandrett from Resurgence PPG and I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with just the right review. I mean, in a nutshell, it was ‘One Up’, but maybe that’s just me…If you don’t know the guys from One Up Adventures, then you are already behind the power curve. The fact that you are reading this means you have an interest, so, stop waiting. Pick up the phone, get in your car, hit them up on Facebook. Whatever it takes. Get to know them – and thank me later.