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Complete professionalism from these guys and girl.No distracting mannerisms, direct and to the point, POLITE (this is spotty in the Paramotor world), adaptable to the students knowledge, and finally, no bashing or criticizing other schools. I finished training and had a day later flight so they filled a tank up for me and gave me many options of equipment. One on one instruction. At times there were more of them than us. Couldn’t get away with anything! Hahaha. Overall, I don’t know how the training could get any better. They all were in sync and operations were very efficient. Thanks Travis, Kyle and ALY.

Criss Guinn, South Carolina

I was going to fly or at least try to fly on my own with no instructions. luckily I was talked out of that and pointed in the direction of one up adventures. These instructors are great, very professional, very polite, very reassuring and most importantly very thorough with their instructions. I honestly wanted to do this all my life but realized when it came down to it I was horrified. These instructors helped me work through my fears, learn to fly and learn to enjoy flying. It was one of the most incredible experiences with the BEST instructors I’ve ever had in my life. Please do not try to fly on your own. Contact them if you want an incredible and safe flying experience.

Todd Berthaiume, Ohio

My son and I had an absolute blast training with One Up Adventures. They have a strong focus on safety and teaching students the knowledge needed to fly on their own. I highly recommend One Up Adventures for your training needs, you won't regret it! One Up Adventures did such a great job last year, I brought my other son to Florida this year to be trained as well. Again, they did a wonderful job and my 14 year old son was flying on the 4th day of class. Safety is paramount to me, especially when it comes to my kids flying, that's why I trust these folks to train them!

Reggie Stoltzfus, Ohio

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My experience with One Up Adventures was everything that I expected, and then some! Attention to detail, SAFETY and a superb instructor-to-student ratio. I honestly can't think of any other school where you will have this sense of "one on one" training and attention. Travis, ALY and Kyle are all lovely people. They are patient, no matter the age or skill set. I am 52 and trained alongside an 18 year old. Not once did I feel like there was any favoritism, spending more time with one as opposed to the other... my learning of the different skill sets was slower of course, but I never felt rushed or like I was "falling behind", because they understand that there will be varying skill sets and people will learn on their own time. Some people learn certain things quicker than others, but the attention was always there and I never felt like I was holding anything up. I also have a prosthetic leg, and that didn't matter nor did it make a difference. I left there with more work ahead, but honestly have no fears of practicing from home and honing my skills. They taught me what I needed, to be able to do that! I do however, plan to return for a little "brushing up" and also in the future, for that tandem certification. :) Pricing is in line with what you receive. No need to go there. You will get what you pay for - and that is great instruction, from GOOD people with an awesome skill set, whose goal is to safely teach you what you need to know to become involved in this life-changing sport. You will leave your training as a pilot. Mission Accomplished. I'd stack One Up Adventures against ANY other school. Love those "guys". ;) A+ team. Felt like family, because I can honestly say that I miss them!

David Perry, South Carolina

I recently began some advanced training with Travis Burns and Kyle Mooney at One Up Adventures. My intent for this training was to learn wingovers (the right way), which is going well, but I didn't realize how much I still didn't know that i didn't know. The small details pay big dividends towards progression. For anyone looking to progress to that "next level", I highly recommend getting with a seasoned instructor to learn these skills the right way. On my own, I would have "never" pushed myself or my glider to the performance level achieved on this first training session. Not that I felt it was dangerous, but that I didn't know it was possible or even how to attain it. Can't wait for the next session!

David Barnikow, Florida

What a fantastic team for training in advanced flight techniques, Basic Flight Instructor Ratings and Tandem Exemption training. I couldn't be happier with the direct approach from Travis and Kyle, yet their relaxed approach and fun demeanor really puts students and advanced or aspiring pilots in training at ease! I would highly recommend One Up Adventures to all levels of Para Pilots! I will be returning to OUA for further training in the future!

Craig Taylor, Massachusetts

I got back three days ago and I am still soaring high. Kyle and Travis are amazing to the point if they charged twice what I paid for tuition I would still go. They had me doing stuff way bigger then I thought I would do. Big wingovers to the point Kyle said nothing bigger then that. Tight fast spirals with g forces I have never felt. It was awesome I never really thought about getting into acro but I am worried I will get sucked into it. It was awesome. If you ever want to take things up a level I cannot image anyone better to go see.

Dan Jacobson, South Dakota

I went to One Up for my tandem certification and had a great time. I learned skills to make me a better pilot and enjoyed the company the entire time. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to get top notch instruction. Travis and Aly are Great!

Brooke Sheffield, North Carolina

Travis and Kyle at OneUp Adventures helped me to complete the rest of my beginner PPG flights. They were very professional and friendly. Safety and demonstrating proper technique was their top priority. They were very patient with me and flexible with my schedule. As a result, I feel confident about flying on my own. I would highly recommend OneUp Adventures for their training experience and wealth of knowledge in PPG. I look forward to eventually going on a PPG trip with them!

Kirin Tipirneni, Florida

I just had the best week of training in my entire life with Travis and Kyle at One Up Adventures. I wish these guys had also been instructors at my grad school because they could honestly teach a fish to ride a bicycle. At no point did I ever feel unsafe while they pushed me to do new and exciting things for my PPG-2 certification. Both of these guys have such a smooth and easy instruction style that you kind of feel like an old friend is just teaching you something new. Couple that with top notch equipment and comprehensive ground school instruction and you have the perfect recipe for an amazing training experience. Thanks again for everything, guys!!

Greg McPheter, Virginia

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