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Tandem Instructor Training

Ready for Your Tandem Certification?

We are excited to offer a Wheel Launch Tandem Certification course. Kyle, Aly and Travis are certified by Aero Sports Connection (ASC) as Advanced Flight Instructors, by the United States Powered Paragliding Association (USPPA) as Introductory Tandem Instructors and by the FAA as Part 103 Tandem Certified Pilots. When you complete our course, you will be certified to operate legally and be granted your FAA part 103 Tandem Exemption to carry passengers for instructional purposes. Even more amazing than flying is being able to legally share the experience with others!

Course Investment


(All training gear will be included)

$750 deposit on sign up

Wheel Launch Tandem Certification Courses

Get Your Certification!


Requirements to Become an FAA Tandem Certified Pilot

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Ready For The Next Level Of The Tandem Powered Paragliding Experience?

Your safety attitude is most important!  The FAA tandem exemption will only be granted to those pilots who take the safety of their passengers seriously! We do certifications through USPPA or ASC depending on your preference.

What's Required?

- 100 total hours of flight time, 50 hours within the last 12 months. 

- 5 days of your time to train and build your skills

- Your willingness to learn

- Not a trike pilot?  No worries, day one will focus on your trike transition.

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