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Image by Juliana Barquero

Upcoming Adventure Trips

Costa Rica - TBD
Italy - TBD

Our Previous Costa Rica and Italy Adventures!

What does this trip include?

  • Lodging (AirBNB) Each person has their own room

  • Group Meals and a stocked Fridge at the AirBNB

  • Basic free flight instruction

  • Paragliding launch site fee

  • Paramotor rental

What gear do I need to bring?

You will need to bring your Glider, Helmet, Reserve and Freeflight Harness.

Paramotors are included in the trip!

(If you have questions or need help finding gear we can help!)

What skill level do I need to have flying?

Our Paramotor flying spot is on the beach and is typically a large launch and landing zone with wind. You should be comfortable launching, landing, and ground handling a wing.

What should we expect for weather?

This trip is more than just flying and we cater the adventures of the day around the weather. We are visiting the rainforest so expect rain! But we keep a close eye on weather and plan to have lots of fun!

What does this trip look like?

Similar to how we do training, we prefer small groups. The Costa Rica trip is only 4 people + the instructors. We think the small group setting makes for a much more wholesome and engaging trip.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

Our Clients Say

Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 11.18.46 AM.png
"Just finished this last week in Costa Rica with One Up Adventures! What an amazing, fun, professionally done trip!
......nothing was spared to make the trip perfect. Paramotoring, paragliding, yes. Well done? Yes! Then there was an unmatched, hours long, jungle/rain forest/mountain four wheeler ride that was fast and furious from start to finish. I’ve been on some amazing rides but this was “one up” on anything I’ve done before. Wow!
Highly recommend this trip for anyone wanting to push the bounds and challenge themselves. Now that I’m bonafide “paraglider pilot” I can tell you, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!"

David D. - Costa Rica 2023


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So where would you choose to go for the ultimate paramotor adventure trip?

Let us know. We would love to hear from you!

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