Tandem Paramotor 


Interested in paramotor flying but want to see what it's like first?  During this epic 25 minute tandem wheel launch instructional flight, you will have an opportunity to take the controls under your instructor's careful guidance and experience ultimate freedom and beauty from a birds eye perspective. There is a very good chance you may be inspired to learn to fly solo on your own gear after this experience!

We can fly low, slow, and docile so you can peacefully enjoy the amazing scenery or we can go up to altitude and get your blood pumping a bit! It is all entirely up to you!

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We are  Certified Tandem Pilots with Decades Experience. ..

We use only the safest equipment...

We are passionate to share our joy of flight...

You get to take the controls and fly if desired...

Cost:  $150 for a 25 minute flight

Location: 451 S Airport Rd , Lake Wales, FL

*Weather Dependant*

Max Passenger Weight:  250 lbs