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My name is Kyle Mooney. I am originally from a small town in northern Minnesota. I moved to Florida to pursue a career in flying! Since then I have gotten married to my wife, Madeline. I am a tandem pilot, as well as an USPPA instructor. Sometimes the best things you can do for yourself are to just go out and do it. Flying does just that! I am lucky to be able to travel across the world with friends and family. flying has changed my life along with being able to teach others to do the same and bringing them with on these amazing adventures!


My name is Travis Burns. I grew up in Maine, joined the coast guard and spent 23 years as a military instructor pilot.  I have been involved in parasports for over 8 years, and have taught hundreds of students to fly ppg since 2014.   i'm an experienced tow operator, usppa instructor, tandem instructor, and ASC advanced flight instructor. I believe in order to fill the cup of others you need to fill your own!  I'm excited to be able to help you fill your cup through our incredible adventure travel trips and  safe, fun, in depth training courses!


We are just two friends who enjoy flying, teaching, and sharing this amazing sport! We have both travelled all over the world and have the ability to go anywhere! We are excited to bring you anywhere you want to go and have an amazing experience! Together, we are One Up Adventures!

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