Foot Launch Training

Malvern, Ohio
22-30 August

Want To Become A Paramotor Pilot?

We're teaming up again with the amazing staff at Leading Edge PPG, to offer a second 2022 beginner foot launch class at Fury Field (home of Flite Fest) just east of Canton, Ohio. 

All state-of-the-art equipment is provided during this 9 day class. (there is no need to buy equipment). With a maximum of 6 students you will have 5 USPPA certified instructors at your side, a nearly one to one ratio.   Course includes ground school, tandem flights, tow flights, simulator flights, ground handling, and tons of expertly instructed solo flights to make you a competent and confident paramotor pilot! This fantastic training location has a nearby campground and plenty of local lodging options. 

Class slots are filling fast!  Call or write today for more information!    

info@oneupadventures.com   /  (833) 232-5483

Course Fee: $3000

How Do I Become A Paramotor Pilot?

Thorough Instruction & Small Class Size

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One Up Adventures is a USPPA certified school, Travis, ALY and Kyle are all USPPA Certified Instructors, ASC Certified Instructors and Travis is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor.  We have trained over 300 beginner paramotor students to successfully fly solo without injury.


If you desire to earn your USPPA PPG2 certification, this course is designed to set you up for success to meet the requirements and earn your certification through us upon completion of your course.

What's Included?

When you train with us, we provide all new state-of-the-art gear for your course. You only need to bring clothing and a willingness to have the time of your life!  Because we want your initial focus to be on learning the ins and outs as well as sharing our immense passion for this sport. There is no gear rental fee and we provide always the safest gear adjusted properly for your body size and weight.  


We follow the U.S. Powered Paragliding Association PPG1 & PPG2 syllabus, but in addition you receive:

1. A Day One wheel launch Tandem Flight where you will receive dual instruction while taking the controls and flying on the very first day of your course. 


2. Numerous tow winch flights where you will practice launching and landing without the weight and complication of the motor.

(*note* - We are very experienced tow operators, use only the safest purpose built tow equipment and have conducted thousands of incident free tow flights with hundreds of students.  Tow flights are a critical step in a proper training course and are extremely safe when the proper equipment and expert tow operators are employed).

3. Several motor running "flights" in our hang simulator.

Here you will go through your entire first solo numerous times, while actually running the motor at full power and while communicating with your instructor through a radio helmet without ever getting more than 2 ft off the ground. You will experience the motor noise, learn throttle control,  proper weight-shift inputs, realistic brake responses, glider trim controls and how to properly get in and out of your seat in flight. 



Age: 12 years old and Up

Your Weight: 100lbs to 250lbs

Fitness: Can Run 100 Yards


Must be able to Carry 55 lbs

on your Back While Walking

Have a Receptive Learning Attitude

Ready to Have the Time of Your Life

Beginner Course Investment


($750 course deposit due at the time

of signup to secure course date)

Training Location

Our Training is typically at the Lake Wales Municipal Airport however, we do travel north during the summer months.

Not Convenient to Come to Florida?  We'll Come To You.

Work or family sometimes makes it hard to spend 2 weeks in Florida and travel and lodging costs can be an additional barrier to getting started.  Our course is designed to be mobile and we can bring everything needed to train your group in your local area.


We are fully equipped to travel to you with every piece of equipment needed to offer the same training experience as if you had come to us, while you learn in the comfort of an area you are familiar with, spend the night in your own home and forget about travel expenses that could have been used towards your new flying gear!

*Please Contact Us for Details and Limitations*

Additional Investment for Us to Travel To You:

 $1.50 per mile (round trip) from Lake Wales FL to your location.  This fee is split amongst all students in the course.  We charge this fee to cover our lodging, diesel, camp fees, etc.


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