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Advanced Training Courses

All of our advanced training courses are tailored to you! Whether you want to learn crosswind takeoffs/landings, water foot dragging, or barrel rolls. depending upon your experience level,

We can make that happen!



There are some basic requirements that you must meet in order to attend our advanced training course.

- The ability to take off and land on your own in good conditions

- Have at least 3 months or 30 hours of ppg flight experience

- Have your own gear (we do have gear available for rent at an extra cost)

- Reserve and flotation required (available for rent)

- Willingness to learn

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Why choose us?

- Safety is the #1 priority

- Attention to detail

- 15+ years of experience

- personally Tailored Training

- What we do is our passion

- Small class sizes 2- 4 students


What is provided?

- Perfect Locations

- Advanced Ground School

- Radios and Radio Harness

- Tailored Instruction

- Video Review 

- Pilot Briefing and De-Briefing

- Gear rental if needed

What can you expect from our advanced training course?

- 2 to 6 days of Advanced Training

- Advanced Ground School

- Video analysis

- Fun Flights and progression

- Friendly Competition together

- fai type Courses for fun

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- $400 Per day for tailored instruction (Min 2 days)

- Gear is available for rent at $100 per day

- Deposit of $400 required at the time of booking

Not convenient to come to Florida?  We come to you!

Can't spend 2 weeks in florida? Travel and Lodging costs are an additional barrier to getting started?  Don't worry, our course is mobile and we bring everything needed to train anywhere within the contiguous U.S. 

Do you have a group of 2 or more that want to be trained in your local area?


 We are fully equipped to travel to you with every piece of equipment needed to offer the same training experience as if you had come to us, while you learn in the comfort of an area you are familiar with, spend the night in your own home,  and can forget about travel expenses that could have  been used towards your new flying gear!

Please contact us for  more details!


Travel fee:   $1.50 per mile round trip from lake wales fl to your location split amongst all students in the course

($750 non-refundable deposit  due at the time of signup)

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