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Who Are we?


Kyle Mooney was raised in a small town in northern Minnesota before moving to Florida to pursue a career in instructing students to fly paramotors.  He is also a world class acrobatic paramotor pilot and one of just a few around the globe whose mastered the infinite tumble maneuver on paramotor. Kyle is certified as a USPPA Instructor, ASC Advanced Flight Instructor, and USHPA P4 paragliding pilot. Kyle is a ton of fun to be around while also being a consummate professional who is dedicated to giving you the best training experience available.  


Travis Burns was raised in Maine and then spent 23 years in the USCG retiring at age 40 as a fixed-wing military instructor pilot. Paramotoring since 2011 and formerly co-owner of Aviator PPG, Travis has taught hundreds of students to fly paramotor.  He is certified as one of 17 USPPA Instructor Administrators, is an  ASC Advanced Flight Instructor, an FAA Airline Transport Pilot, Remote Pilot and Commercial Flight Instructor. Travis is passionate to be a part of your introduction, advancement, or adventure in the amazing world of paramotor flight!


Andrea "Aly" Yancy was raised in central Florida and has found a deep passion for paramotoring and all things aviation.  She is certified as an ASC Advanced Flight Instructor, recently passed her FAA private pilot written exam, and is working towards her USPPA Instructor and FAA private pilot certifications.  Aly brings a lust for life to everything she does, and has been an amazing addition to our team. 

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