Advanced / Confidence / Recurrent Courses

One Up Adventures Advanced and Confidence Builder courses are tailored to YOU! Whether you desire to polish your basic skills and techniques, build confidence in your abilities, take recurrent training after a break in flying, learn crosswind takeoff & landings, foot dragging, wingovers, asymmetric spirals, barrel rolls, thermal flying, FAI competition tasks or maybe even earn an Advanced Certifications such as PPG3, BFI, or Tandem Instructor.  We tailor your course to your experience level and aptitude and always ensure you progress safely and go home with a huge boost in confidence and skill! 



- Have had at least 25 solo flights. 

- Have a positive and receptive learning attitude

- Be able to apply basic risk analysis skills to your flying

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Why Choose Us?

- Safety is the #1 Priority

- Attention to Detail

- 15+ Years of Experience

- Personally Tailored Training

- This is our full time passion

- Small Class Sizes 1-4 Students


What is Provided?

- Perfect Locations

- A fun time while learning!

- Helmets and Radios

- Tailored Instruction

- Video Debfriefs

- Gear Rental Available

What Else Can You Expect?

- 2 to 10 or more sessions of Individualized Training (you choose how many sessions you want)

- No fees for weathered out sessions

- Vastly improved Confidence in your Skills and personal Safety.

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- $150 per session (a session is morning or evening) 

- Gear is available for rent at $100 per day ($50 half single session)

- $300 Deposit (2 sessions) required at the time of booking

Lodging Available

- We offer on-site deluxe lodging when available.  Book directly with us for special rates.